New! Rejuvenate in Nature

Quinta da Calma Retreat Portugal

6 nights stay based on fullboard healthy Mediterranean vegetarian dishes
1x massage (50 minutes)
Return airport transfer
Free daily morning  and evening Participation in scheduled (holistic) group activities, such as Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Hike, Workshop and Lecture(s)
Unlimited herbal tea and water

If you’re really looking to return home from a holiday recharged, then this is the place for you. Our Quinta is located on a hill in the rural town of Almancil. This is a place where you’ll still come across the odd shepherd and his herd of goats. The fresh scent of the hundreds of Parasol pine trees, vibrant blooms and a gentle breeze. This small-scale retreat (15 rooms) is located on a large estate of 8 hectares in the silence and beauty of unspoiled nature. Magical!

Healthy food and an extensive schedule of (holistic) activities (yoga, meditation, tai chi and walks) provide a much needed refuel. The golden beaches of Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura are located just 15 minutes away by car.

More info on Prices and Conditions as well as bookings, please contact Reception on, 289393741 or 934318236




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Integral Yoga | Yoga Integral

Pavilion2Hatha Yoga is suitable for all ages. You are never too young – or too old – to start, and to enjoy the many proven benefits it brings.  Hatha Yoga comprises postures (asanas); deep relaxation; breathing exercises (pranayama); cleansing processes (krivas) and mental concentration. When practiced regularly they create a supple and relaxed body and increased vitality. This in turn strengthens the body’s systems and encourages improved health and overall wellbeing. Those who embrace yoga quickly feel the benefits at every level – physical, mental and emotional – and will often find themselves making choices that support a healthier lifestyle.

Every day of the week at different times there are regular classes for all ages and all stages of yoga at Quinta da Calma. All of our teachers are trained to the highest standards, either the rigorous course of Yogaville, USA, or similar.
Quinta da Calma is the Integral Yoga Teacher Training Center for Europe.

more details about regular classes >> here


Sign PavilionO Hatha Yoga é adequado a todas as idades. Nunca se é demasiado novo – ou velho – para começar e desfrutar dos seus muitos benefícios. O Hatha Yoga integra posturas (asanas), relaxamento profundo, exercícios de respiração (pranayama), processos de limpeza (krivas) e concentração mental. Quando praticado regularmente proporciona um corpo flexível e relaxado, e uma sensação geral de bem-estar. Aqueles que adoptam o Yoga rapidamente sentem os seus benefícios em todos os níveis – físico, mental e emocional – e muitas vezes vêem-se a fazer escolhas que suportam um estilo de vida mais saudável.

Na Quinta da Calma, todos os dias da semana a horas diferentes, existem aulas regulares para todas as idades e todos os níveis de prática. Todos os nossos professores são treinados aos mais alto nível, ou no curso rigoroso de Yogaville, EUA, ou equivalente.
A Quinta da Calma é o Centro para Formações de Yoga Integral a nível Europeu.

mais detalhes sobre as aulas regulares >> aqui

Welcome! | Bem-Vindo!

Sign Quinta da CalmaQuinta da Calma is a centre for Integral Yoga Teacher Training for Europe and an oasis for retreats of yoga, tai chi and meditation; for natural, integrative treatments and therapies; and for courses and workshops on themes related to personal and spiritual growth across the broadest spectrum of traditions and teachings.

A space in which to be rather than to do; a place that nurtures and encourages optimum health and well-being; and an oasis of peace and calm away from the pressures of an increasingly stressful lifestyle – Welcome to Quinta da Calma!

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September 194A Quinta da Calma é um Centro de Formação para Yoga Integral a nível Europeu e um oásis para retiros de yoga, tai chi e meditação; oferece terapias e tratamentos naturais e integrativos; recebe também cursos e workshops de temas relacionados ao desenvolvimento pessoal e espiritual das mais variadas tradições e ensinamentos.

Um espaço para ser mais do que fazer; um espaço que nutre e incentiva a saúde e o bem-estar; um oásis de paz e tranquilidade longe das pressões de uma vida cada vez mais stressante – Bem-vindo à Quinta da Calma!

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