Qta da Calma

Encerrado agosto


IMG_0207Quinta da Calma is set in 11 acres of beautiful natural surroundings. Our residential accommodation and our working spaces are set among Umbrella Pine trees, spread out to enhance the sense of peace, space and relaxation.

Our accommodation is rustic in style, in keeping with the surroundings, but we are sure you will find it homely and comfortable too. Whether you are here for a workshop or just for some special time out for you to recharge your batteries, the open spaces, organic garden and general sense of calm will allow you to re-connect with Nature, and with yourself. You can do as much – or as little – as you like. Take advantage of some of our treatments and therapies. Enjoy the weekly organic market. Relax by the pool and soak up the Algarve sunshine – even in winter. Or, just take time to “be”. You’re allowed.

The workspaces are spread around the grounds, so that our regular classes do not clash with residential workshops or longer retreats.  Because  Quinta da Calma is dedicated to Yoga, Tai-Chi, Meditation and various types of spiritual and self-development work, the energy in the various work rooms is always positive and supportive. Our largest space, the Meeting House, can hold around 100 people theatre style – and often does!

Here we share with you details of the choices we offer for our residential guests and those who come to work – although in our beautiful surroundings, even the most intense work or testing retreat is also a pleasure!

Please feel free to contact our Reception for more information and to make your reservation:

(+351) 289 393 741  or info@quintadacalma.com


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